08 August 2019

The 2019 annual economic report on the EU fishing fleet shows that the high levels of economic performance in 2016 have continued into 2017. The report links this success to the use of sustainable fishing methods.

01 August 2019

The sixth Meeting of the Parties to the Southern Indian Ocean Fisheries Agreement (SIOFA), which took place in Mauritius from 1-5 July, resulted in significant progress towards strengthening the regulatory framework of this relatively new organisation.

30 July 2019

On September 20th, the European Commission is organising the annual Seminar on Fisheries Science dedicated to exploring the research needs and priorities in the field of fisheries for the next decade.

29 July 2019

The Commission has decided to ask Ireland officially to conduct an administrative inquiry to evaluate its capacity to apply the rules of the common fisheries policy (CFP).

26 July 2019

The Entry/Exit scheme aims to align the capacity of the EU fishing fleet with available fishing resources. In particular, this means that the capacity of any vessel entering the fishery is balanced by the prior withdrawal of a vessel or vessels with the equivalent capacity.

24 July 2019

On 19 July 2019 the EU and Senegal signed a new implementing protocol to the existing sustainable fisheries partnership agreement.

23 July 2019

The Commission has announced emergency measures to save the ailing eastern Baltic cod stock from impending collapse. Emergency measures will ban, with immediate effect, commercial fishing for cod in most of the Baltic Sea until 31 December 2019.