27 June 2019

The EU recognises Taiwan's reforms put in place during the last three and a half years to tackle illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU). Today the European Commission decided to lift the yellow card acknowledging the progress made by Taiwan and the major upgrade of its fisheries legal and administrative systems to fight against IUU fishing.

24 June 2019

The Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) held its 23rd Annual Meeting in Hyderabad, India, from 17 to 21 June 2019. The EU welcomes the adoption of ambitious measures to improve the management of FADs and offset their possible negative impacts on the ecosystem, and the retention ban on Manta and Mobula rays. However, there is still a lot to be done to reach the sustainable management of stocks covered by the organisation’s mandate, in particular the Yellowfin Tuna (YFT).

20 June 2019

Hungarians eat less fish than almost any other country in the EU. As a result, they not only miss out on the many health benefits of fish, but also on the economic opportunities fish farming can bring to local communities. To change this, the government, backed by €1.9
million from the EMFF, embarked on a promotional campaign, Kapj rá! (Catch it!) in support of sustainable, locally produced fish.

19 June 2019

On 15 June, the EU and Guinea Bissau signed a new 5-year protocol to the existing Sustainable Fishing Partnership Agreement (SFPA). This new protocol fully reflects the long-standing spirit of the EU partnership and the general principles of the EU Common Fisheries Policy such as sustainable management of resources, legal stability, transparency, science-based access and monitoring, and the sustainable development of the partner country fisheries sector.

14 June 2019

The MedFish4Ever Declaration, initiated by the European Commission and adopted in March 2017, created a new governance of the Mediterranean fisheries and aquaculture, bringing, for the first time, joint political commitment of the riparian countries to implement a concrete roadmap in the coming 10 years.

11 June 2019

The countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea will meet today, 11 June, and tomorrow, 12 June, in Marrakech, Morocco, for the high-level conference of the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean on restoring healthy fisheries in this important sea basin.

07 June 2019

The European Commission has adopted a Communication, taking stock of the implementation of the EU's Common Fisheries Policy and launching a consultation on the fishing opportunities for 2020.

07 June 2019

The European Commission has taken stock of the implementation of the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy and launched the process of agreeing fishing opportunities for 2020.