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Call for tenders: Ocean Literacy for All

Call for tenders: Ocean Literacy for All

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Call for tenders: Ocean Literacy for All

01/03/2019 to 14/06/2019

On 1 March, the European Commission has launched a tender for a service contract to create the European Ocean Alliance or ‘EU4Oceans’. EU4Oceans will become the platform for all European groups and organisations active in ocean preservation and ocean literacy.

The main objectives of the platform:

  1. Share good practices and develop joint ocean literacy initiatives;
  2. Create awareness with and encourage activism of European citizens;
  3. Help citizens, businesses and decision-makers to become advocates for our oceans;
  4. Encourage children, students and young people to take an active role in the ocean preservation through different activities at local, regional, national or international level;
  5. Promote digital services and innovative communication tools to disseminate ocean-related information to citizens and stakeholders.

Feel you’re up to the challenge? Take part in the tender and pave the way towards this brand-new European Ocean Alliance!

Deadline: 14/06/2019

More info:  Call for tenders: Ocean Literacy for All

This project is a pilot from the European Parliament, implemented by the European Commission.