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Pranešimai spaudai

Pranešimai spaudai

30 November 2018

Meeting in Bergen (Norway) on 29 November, the three most important Coastal States have agreed to set the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for 2019 at 653,438 tonnes. This represents a 20% reduction compared to 2018. It was also agreed to extend the current trilateral sharing arrangement for another two years, possibly three, if required. Other Coastal States were not able to join the agreement at this stage.

30 November 2018

Representatives of the European Commission (DG MARE), EU Member States, European Parliament, Council of the EU, Advisory Councils and other EU stakeholders will take part in the Workshop of Digital Tools for Small-Scale Fisheries (Brussels, 4-5 December). The aim of this meeting is to share knowledge, solutions, current trends and developments on new monitoring and control tools for small-scale vessels.

30 November 2018

EUMOFA's annual report offers a comprehensive analysis at EU-level of all market dimensions of fisheries and aquaculture products.

28 November 2018

The European Commission welcomes the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council on a multi-annual plan for fisheries in the Western waters. The agreement will help restore and maintain stocks at sustainable levels, while ensuring social and economic viability for the fishermen operating in the region.

23 November 2018

Today, on the occasion of the annual conference of the outermost regions, in Gran Canaria, President Juncker has announced that the nine territories can now use State aid to support the renewal of the small-vessel fishing fleet, whilst fishing sustainably.

21 November 2018

The North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) gathered for its annual meeting in London from 13 to 16 November 2018. During the meeting, the EU and the other contracting parties agreed on a number of conservation and management measures for 2019, covering several fish stocks (including blue whiting, Atlanto-Scandian herring, mackerel, redfish in the Irminger Sea, spurdog and Rockall haddock).

20 November 2018

After two years of intensive negotiations, ICCAT (the International Commission for the conservation of Atlantic Tunas) finally adopted a management plan for Bluefin tuna, during its annual meeting on 12-19 November 2019.

19 November 2018

I would like to thank the Austrian Presidency for their work in facilitating a compromise. Today, we have adopted important decisions on deep sea stocks. As you know, these are very vulnerable species that need decades to grow and reproduce. We often have incomplete knowledge about these stocks. But we know one thing for certain: many of these stocks have been overfished for years.