Press releases




27 October 2020

Today the Commission published its proposal setting out catch limits for fish stocks in the Atlantic and the North Sea. Based on this proposal, EU fisheries ministers will set the final catch limits at the Council on 15-16 December, to apply as of 1 January 2021.

23 October 2020

European maritime security has significantly improved over the last years on several dimensions including international or regional cooperation, information sharing, capability development, risk management and training. This is the conclusion of a new report about the implementation of the European Union maritime security strategy action plan, developed by the European Commission together with the European Defence Agency and the European External Action Service.

22 October 2020

Today the Commission has proposed total allowable catches (TAC), based on scientific advice, on three deep-sea stocks for 2021 and 2022 to allow limited fisheries.

20 October 2020

In the EU, 20% of fishing gear is lost at sea. Abandoned, lost or disposed of, it accounts for about a third of marine litter found in European seas, or over 11.000 tons per year.

20 October 2020

Today, the Commission and the Member States reached an agreement on the fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2021.

20 October 2020

Today, EU Member States and the Commission have come to an agreement on the 2021 fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea.

15 October 2020

The European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) Administrative Board held its 34th meeting on 14 October. During this meeting, that took place online this time due to the COVID-19 related restrictions, the Administrative Board members elected a new Chair, Ms Veronika Veits and Deputy Chair Ms Melanie Seibert.

29 September 2020

The EU's maritime transport industry strives to reduce its impact on the environment with innovative solutions like battery-operated vessels, wind-powered ships and carbon-neutral shipping. The industry sets new environmental goals — but can it deliver?