Our Ocean 2017

Our Ocean 2017

Our Ocean 2017

05/10/2017 to 06/10/2017

On 5 and 6 October 2017, the European Union hosted the 4th edition of the Our Ocean conference in Malta. The outcome of the conference was unprecedented and stands to prove that together we can ensure a future for Our Ocean, which is safe, secure, clean and healthy:

  • 437 tangible and measurable commitments
  • EUR 7.2 billion in financial pledges
  • 2.5 million square kilometres of additional Marine Protected Areas

The EU's 36 commitments alone exceeded EUR 550 million and implied action throughout the globe. Together with its individual Member States and the European Investment Bank, the EU pledged more than EUR 2.8 billion.

Other countries tabled over 200 commitments, whilst NGOs, foundations, research institutes and international organisations announced 87 commitments. As a major game-changer, the 2017 conference for the first time mobilised at scale the business community in the conservation of Our Ocean. Corporate leaders responded with 100 commitments. From plastic reduction to satellite monitoring.


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