Să consumăm, să cumpărăm și să vindem produse pescuite sustenabil

Testimonial - François Pasteau

Testimonial - François Pasteau

François Pasteau
L'EPI DUPIN restaurant

I started to be concerned about sustainable fish consumption about a decade ago, when I noticed that fish consumption in our restaurant was constantly growing.

My reflection then was: we consume more and more fish, and people are more and more numerous on earth, what will happen to our marine resources?

Sustainable fish is above all a matter of common sense, paying attention to the state of the stock for different species, and giving priority to those which are not endangered, so our children and grandchildren can enjoy them in the future.

We all have a pedagogical role towards our clients, explaining to them that the underwater world is very fragile and that we are responsible on behalf of future generations. We have not got the right to massacre this priceless richness.

Each day, at L’EPI DUPIN, I make a special effort to only cook sustainable fish, but also to help my clients discover lesser known species, encouraging people to cook them at home.

Everyone along the supply chain has a role to play, including communicating it according to their own means. This is what I do with my dishes and by discussing with my clients.