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Testimonial - David Koch Mouritzen

Testimonial - David Koch Mouritzen

David Koch Mouritzen
Sekretariatsleder of the Danmarks Fiskehandlere

Sustainability was a part of the way my parents raised me, you could say it was a big part of my upbringing! It was also something that was further stimulated through my studies at university, where I studied geography so got a better understanding of the world.

I think sustainability for me means leaving the oceans in a better condition for our children compared to the condition we got from our parents. I believe we have the wisdom and wealth to do so.

To be more sustainable in my fish consumption I try to eat lesser known species, and also to focus on eating what the fishermen in my region/country catch. Little steps that are easy to do really. Also, I only go for the best when buying aquaculture so it is always organic, naturally farmed and from farms with good reputations. I think it is easy for people to become more sustainable in their habits by basically doing the same as I do .

For me, one of the most inspiring things I have seen related to fishing was this time I was out fishing with a very small trawler from the southern part of Zealand (Denmark). The way the fisher handled the catch and his actions were remarkable. He only trawled for fish for a very short time, and he sorted the fish by hand straight after bringing the catch on board, so that small fish were returned to the sea alive. It shows that we can do things with great care and be fair to our environment.