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Testimonial - WWF Greece

Testimonial - WWF Greece

WWF Greece
Promoting sustainability and co-existence between man and nature

The organization WWF Greece aims for the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

For this purpose, in terms of the marine environment, WWF promotes and supports a number of solutions that will ensure healthy seas rich with fish stocks, sustainability of fishing communities and provision the consumers with Greek sustainable catches. The fishtips are a guide for consumers on the Greek catches. It explains the importance of the minimum size and seasonality of catches, the legislative framework and also it presents a list of fish for sustainable consumption.

Since 2011, WWF Greece has expanded its actions to a "Responsible Fishing" in the supply chain catches and it began collaborating with the chain supermarket AB Vassilopoulos, part of the Delhaize group. This year they joined forces with fishermen from the fishing company "Manios" based in Kavala and Fisheries Research Institute (INALE) and they have implemented for the first time in the Mediterranean a program for improvement of sustainable fleet. The programme relates to populations of sardine and anchovy caught by purse seiner vessels, so in the first phase will evaluate the state of the fleet in accordance with the standards of the MSC. MSC is an international certification body for environmental performances and sustainability of fishing fleets and is based on the Code of Conduct of International Code of Conduct from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for responsible fishing. Then, the involved entities will develop the necessary recommendations to improve sustainability of the fleet and the action plan, which will ensure a healthy future for fishermen and fish stocks in the region.