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Testimonial - Ruxandra Coc

Testimonial - Ruxandra Coc

Ruxandra Coc
Doripesco company

Doripesco is a family business developed with passion and devotion, with love for our profession and respect for nature. We have tried hard and believe we have succeeded in mixing fish production with angling and tourism. So, I can say that I have been interested in sustainability for a very long time, even if in the beginning I didn’t know that it was not just my job, but also my passion, and my business, and eventually I learned that we all should respect and help nature, so that it can give us what we need.

Sustainability first of all means passion, then it’s a way to keep nature (especially water) clean and in good condition, and I think that it’s time we should give nature something back, because we have taken enough from it, and the respect should be mutual.

I like to think that I eat organic food, at least I try. I prefer to eat fish from my farms, and when I want something else, I try to buy from the best.  I believe we have to respect nature, and the rest will come itself.

When I go to our lakes I can see all the time fishermen who are handling fish very carefully, without harming them, and they are from all categories, so, we all can do this, but we must think deeply before doing something that could hurt nature. If we respect nature, nature will respect us.