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Testimonial - Nils Egtermeyer

Testimonial - Nils Egtermeyer

Nils Egtermeyer
Jellyfish restaurant

I began to think about sustainability around 2000 when I started my career as a chef. It was only then when I really understood the difference between farmed fish and wild caught fish!

According to the FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN) approximately 25% of all fish and seafood species for human  consumption are "over fished" - means the fishing industry takes more  from the oceans than can grow back.

In our restaurant "Jellyfish" we try to support sustainable fishing methods and buy according to Marine Stewardship Council's (MSC) guide lines and certificates. MSC is the world's biggest organization for establishing sustainable fishing practises and to transform today's seafood markets.

If possible the "Jellyfish" uses only wild-captured fish and seafood, coming from fisheries with environment friendly methods and from non-endangered populations.

I think people should start to see high quality fish in the same light as quality meat. That means everybody should consume less but make sure when they do eat it, they buy the best and make sure that the fish is caught or farmed in a sustainable way and it´s truly of the best quality.

Aquaculture is becoming more and more important and should be working with equally sustainable methods.  In addition to MSC for wild captured fish the FAO has founded the ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) which will start certifying aquaculture soon.

As soon as we can be sure to get fish and seafood from certified aquaculture producers the "Jellyfish" will start to use them in addition to wild-captured fish and seafood.