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Testimonial - Audrey Limozin

Testimonial - Audrey Limozin

Audrey Limozin
Corporate Environmental Manager, Quick Restaurant Group

In 2012, Quick obtained MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certification for its entire fish supply chain to help combat the overexploitation of the world's fish stocks.

For many years, our white fish was already MSC certified from the fisheries to our suppliers. In order to meet our environmental commitments, in 2012, we certified the rest of the supply chain in terms of sustainability to provide complete traceability for our customers.

MSC reviewed its certification requirements so that they could rely on existing internal systems – IT, quality management, etc.  Since we became MSC certified, we have served a total of 2,170 metric tons of MSC New Zealand hoki and MSC Alaska pollock. This is more than ever before.

At Quick, we are proud to promote the consumption of sustainable fish. Every year, some 208 million customers are exposed to the MSC certification logo, which always appears on our menu boards and the packaging of our fish products.

Within the scope of our sustainable procurement approach, we are paying special attention to the number of fish farms that are ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) accredited for our salmon salads in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. In the next few years, as more producers become ASC certified, it will be easier to find suppliers that can provide the quantities of fish that Quick needs.