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Testimonial - IN TOTO

Testimonial - IN TOTO


Everyone can and should be sustainable, because it’s really not science. We should try not to pollute and follow the rules and regulation of fishing. They are there to protect the balance of our ecosystem and need to be respected.

When we buy fish from our local fishmonger, we always try to talk about what is fresh, what is in season and what is legal. You always have something to learn when you respect the knowledge of others. There are certain times of the year for each breed of fish to be consumed, and then you allow it to grow and leave behind its offspring. It’s not the greater solution each of us can offer; it's the matter of trying to help the process.

Our mother used to tell us stories of a fisherman who lived in her village when she was young. He would walk by the neighbourhood every day and collect orders. Then he would go to sea and catch them. The customers always got what they asked for because he knew exactly where to go fish for it.

The fact that he waited for demand before fishing and knew exactly where and how to catch the fish shows an immense knowledge and respect for both life and nature. Stories like this sound very far from modern reality, with all the technology of fisheries today, but there is a certain power and magic in the sea which will always remain timeless and inspiring.

We (Ioanna and Simone Philippou) are professional illustrators and we run our own illustration studio in Cyprus. Born on an island and raised in a sea loving family, our passion for the sea and all its marine life is something that runs deep in our DNA. Our diet has always consisted of fish and seafood, but it was only when we got older that we realised how lucky we’ve been so far to enjoy this luxury.

A memory that scarred our ‘innocent’ minds was years ago, when scuba diving in Cyprus we heard a loud explosion. Sound travels differently underwater. The sound was loud enough to scare us, and for good reason. When we finished our dive we found many dead fish, which had been blown up by the dynamite of illegal fishing not far from the coast. The image was traumatising.

The riches of the sea that have been dying out due to how poorly we have been thinking of our planet over the few last decades. These are precious images we want to communicate to the world and can only hope that they will be cherished as well.

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