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Testimonial - Fisch vom Kutter

Testimonial - Fisch vom Kutter

Fisch vom Kutter
Innovative project from the Kiel bay area of Germany

Fisch vom Kutter in the bay of Kiel, Germany, is an organisation that sells directly to customers from their fishing vessels as they arrive in the port. The idea came about from falling fish prices, and a desire to reenergise the local fishing community, which had dropped from 3 000 active fishers at its peak, to the current level of 59 small scale fishers. Their ingenious method of selling involves sending a simple text message to their website, whilst they are at sea, informing customers of their daily catch. Customers can then meet the vessels at the port and buy their fish directly from the fisher, improving prices, freshness and quality.

The project has at its core six main aims:

  • making coastal locations more attractive for local people and tourists,
  • highlighting the cultural and historical significance of fishing in the region,
  • making buying fish an experience for the consumer through direct sales from the vessel,
  • building relationships between fishers, fish restaurants and tourism specialists,
  • integrating ports into the tourist industry as thriving places to visit and experience local history,
  • improve regionalisation, whilst lowering CO2 emissions through changing the methods of refrigeration.

Find out more on their project in the video.

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