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Farming in the EU - School Project

Farming in the EU - School Project

FARMED IN THE EU, School Project - Learning about European Aquaculture

It may be the fastest growing sector in food production worldwide, but aquaculture, or fish farming, remains surprisingly unknown to many outside of the industry.

The “Farmed in the EU” school project has been designed to raise awareness of the aquaculture sector among Europe’s teenagers (12-18 years old). The project will bring students closer to fish farming and find out how it affects their local community. They will explore its role in food production and in preserving the environment. And they'll discover the different business and career opportunities aquaculture offers.

There is plenty of scope for student research and discovery of the different marine and freshwater fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae which are produced and the different traditional and more modern production methods used.

The project is currently being piloted in 20 schools across 10 EU countries (Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom).

It’s back to school for aquaculture producers

A key part of the project is an on-site visit by a local fish farmer, providing students with the opportunity to talk to an expert, to build on their own research, and to take part in a fun and interactive visitor session.

A project kit has been designed for teachers to give you everything you need to help them plan and run the project, from the first lesson, through the visit, to the follow up activities which can focus on anything from Nutrition & Cooking, Science & Technology, or Communication and Arts. 


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All schools are encouraged to participate.
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School Kit

More details about this project can be found in this booklet.

Please note that no costs can be covered by the European Union.