Nachhaltig Fisch essen, kaufen und verkaufen



Why sell sustainable fish?

Because consumers increasingly care about where their food comes from. This was not an issue at the forefront of most consumers’ minds 10 years ago, but now it is and the trend is set to continue.

Because more and more people are willing to pay a higher price if they know their food is sustainable.

Because sustainable seafood means sustainable business. Sourcing from sustainable stocks means retaining your existing market and securing its future. It also means opening doors to new markets by diversifying your product range.

Because selling fish is about selling a story as well as a product. A story about where the fish comes from, how it is produced, and the story of the men and women behind it.

Because industry should be an integral part of this change, and help drive it by making sustainable choices available for consumers and encouraging them to ask questions about their food. Be proud of your product and your contribution to this change.

How can I sell sustainable fish?

Making your seafood policy in your restaurant, shop, or market stall sustainable is both possible and profitable.

Getting sustainability certification for your products from one of the many worldwide schemes means consumers will know your fish is externally checked and verified – giving them peace of mind that their choices are good ones. Do your research on which scheme is the most transparent and appropriate for your product.

You can also play a huge part in the sustainability of fish by educating and inspiring customers by offering lesser known fish that are not over-exploited. There are many national organisations that can help with sustainable sourcing.

Make your customers aware about how you sell, where and who you buy from, and show consumers how committed you are.

Be a market leader for sustainability, working hand in hand with your clients to protect the seas, the quality of your products, and your industry.