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Testimonial - Goran Markulin

Testimonial - Goran Markulin

Goran Markulin
General manager, CROMARIS

Cromaris is a producer and marketer of top quality sea bass, sea bream and other white fish species like meagre and dentex, as well as being a producer of oysters and mussels. With production of around 5,000 tons, Cromaris is approximately the 10th biggest supplier of farmed white fish in Mediterranean. 

Sustainability is the basis of our business. We have put a lot of effort into making our production sustainable through doing business in line with environmental protection guidelines. Cromaris is certified with international certificates such as ISO 14000 (environmental certification), and our Lim bay farm is certified with organic certificates, such as Naturaland, AB, Bioswiss and so on. Our vision is to become the leader of high quality Mediterranean aquaculture.

European aquaculture has several important advantages for consumers. One is the high level of standards that are applied in Europe, which ensures the quality of the fish, with the other being the freshness of the product available on the European market, because it is farmed near to the markets where the fish is offered for sale.

Cromaris has very strict procedures on quality control and certification processes, specifically from SGS, one of the leading certification companies in Europe, as well as a special logistics system, which allows for the delivery of fresh fish within 24 hours of harvesting to our neighbouring markets such as Italy. We are also able to deliver fish in 48 hours to the markets of Central Europe like Austria, Germany, and Poland, and even as far afield as the UK.

Cromaris only uses feeds from top producers with strict quality control measures in place for the feeds. Our requirements include guarantees from all our suppliers that their feeds do not contain genetically modified ingredients or processed animal proteins, even though that makes the feed more expensive.  

We have a detailed system of traceability that tracks the fish from juveniles to adults, their feeding processes, to the final production and delivery of our product to the customer.

Regarding local ecosystems, and based on environmental impact studies that have been done for all our farms, a fully integrated system of monitoring is always performed. Based on these results, we are sure that our fish grow healthy and in clean seas.

Every consumer has a choice, and we hope that European consumers will recognise the freshness and highly controlled quality of our fish produced in Europe, and will continue to purchase it into the future.

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