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Testimonial - Archipelagos, Greece

Testimonial - Archipelagos, Greece

Marine Conservation Institute

Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation is a Greek, non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to conservation of the marine and terrestrial environments of the Greek seas and islands. Archipelagos has been active since 1998 in the Greek seas and the North East Mediterranean.

Archipelagos' work combines scientific research with efficient conservation work in which local communities share an active role. Research is implemented through the use of 2 research boats and 7 bases across the Aegean. Archipelagos also work in collaboration with leading universities and research institutes from the EU and the USA, as well as with many international organizations.

Archipelagos has worked alongside TEDx Thessanoliki in order to develop the Fish4Life app. This application will inform consumers in Greece about their choices regarding legal and sustainable seafood, and give them the opportunity to join the growing movement to preserve our seas. The app is an incredibly valuable tool because it provides a free and simple method for consumers to access this information. Please take the time to watch this video in order to learn more about the app. Download the app now from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.