EUMOFA Monthly Highlights n° 8/2017

EUMOFA Monthly Highlights n° 8/2017

EUMOFA Monthly Highlights n° 8/2017


FIRST SALES IN EUROPE In January–July 2017, first-sales value increased in Latvia and Portugal over January–July 2016. Focus on anchovy and sardine (France, Italy).

PRODUCER ORGANISATIONS IN PORTUGAL - In Portugal, producer organisations (POs) operated 43% of all licensed vessels and accounted for 64% of all fish landed in 2016. The purse-seine fishery is the most represented segment, while multispecies vessels are far less grouped in POs.

CONSUMPTION OF ANIMAL PROTEINS: THE PLACE OF FISH - Although consumption of animal protein from meat is growing in the EU, consumption of fish protein, especially from aquaculture, is growing globally, especially in less-developed countries. Acceptance of protein from plants on land and in the sea (e.g. algae) is also increasing.

CONSUMPTION – Fresh Octopus in Italy and Portugal.

MACROECONOMIC CONTEXT - Compared with August 2016, both food and fish consumer prices increased: 1,7% and 3,7%, respectively. Compared with August 2015, fish and seafood consumer prices increased 7,5%.

EUMOFA Monthly Highlights n°8/2017

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