Dissemination of the Results of Biological Studies

Dissemination of the Results of Biological Studies


Dissemination of the Results of Biological Studies

Report published in February 2001

This document has been prepared by MacAlister Elliott and Partners (MEP) under a contract issued by the Directorate General for Fisheries (DG XIV) of the European Commission. The study forms part of the framework for Studies and Support Services related to the Common Fisheries Policy – Group 1.

The objective of this work was to collate study reports for specified fisheries-related studies financed by the Commission under the Common Fisheries Policy in 1994, 1995 and 1996 and to produce and disseminate a single document that summarises the main findings and conclusions of each. The document is aimed at a wide readership and we have aimed to present the information in non-technical language as far as possible.


The views expressed in this document are those of the authors and do not in any way purport to represent the position of the European Commission.


Introduction by the Director General, Fisheries

Section A: Data collection systems and data analysis methodologies, database design and modelling

Project nº 94/003: Creation of a database of fishery statistics of the Dutch fleet (DAFIST)

Project nº 94/013: Improvement of data collection for stock assessment in ices sub-areas VI, VII, VIII, IX AND X

Project nº 94/016: Market sampling of Dutch landings of commercial species (marsham - sampling year 1997)

Project nº 94/017: Deep-water demersal fishes: data for assessment and biological analysis

Project nº 94/023: At sea-sampling from the Danish fishing fleets in the North Sea and Skagerrak

Project nº 94/033: Belgian fish sampling program and associated activities

Project nº94/036: Sampling system for the collection of fishery statistics

Project nº 94/045: Software for automatic data collection in biological sampling

Project nº 94/066: Biological sampling of commercially important small and middle sized fishes on landing and auction sites

Project nº 94/067: Design of a system for the collection and compilation of basic fisheries statistics in Greece

Project nº 94/107: Spatio-temporal model development to improve annual egg production assessments of mackerel/horse mackerel

Project nº 94/110: Core program development for the modelling of fishery management strategies

Project nº 94/113: Database and system for management of fisheries data (SFIDA)

Project nº 95/003: Focused management information gathering for sandeel stocks in Shetland waters

Project nº 95/011: Collection of CPUE data and establishment of databases and procedures for the estimation of abundance indices for north Atlantic albacore

Project nº 95/034: Optimisation of auction hall sampling schemes – methodology and application

Project nº 95/039: Collection and modelling of biological data for turbot stock assessment in support of the Common Fisheries Policy

Project nº 95/068: Monitoring of Swedish industrial landings

Project nº 95/069: Input of historic IBTS data

Project nº 95/077: Investigation on the fishing effort of towed demersal gears by the fleets of the Baltic

Project nº 96/002: International Baltic sea-sampling for commercial fishing fleets (IBSSP)

Project nº 96/015: The statistical system for the collection and compilation of data on landings in Greek fishing ports: improvement and upgrading

Project nº96/016: MEDITS – data management system

Project nº 96/025: Modelling the relationship between fishing effort and effective fishing mortality in western Mediterranean trawl fleets: the case of hake and striped red mullet fisheries in Balearic Islands

Project nº 96/027: Standardisation and implementation of databases from Spanish fisheries in the west African coast

Project nº 96/042: Design and implementation of a web database for the diffusion of the results of the biological studies co-financed by the European Commission

Project nº 96/066: Analysis of the south Atlantic artisanal fishery: fleet components, specific effort and sampling design

Project nº 96/074: Collection of biological data for fish stock assessment in support of the Common Fisheries Policy

Project nº 96/079: Modelling the impact of fisheries on sea birds

Project nº 96/081: Data collection for assessment of fished cephalopod stocks

Project nº 96/085: Investigation of the availability of Atlanto-Scandian herring to European Union fishermen

Section B: Fishing gear development, gear selectivity, by-catch and discards

Project nº 94/005: Cod-end selectivity and fishing mortality

Project nº 94/015: Monitoring of scottish landings and discards in ICES sub-areas iv and vi

Project nº 94/018: By-catch of marine mammals and discards in pelagic fisheries (MAMDIS)

Project nº 94/019: Age and length-compositions of catches and amount of by-catches in various German fisheries in the north Atlantic

Project nº 94/027: Discards of the western Mediterranean trawl fleets

Project nº 94/054: Biological sampling of fish discards in the Bay of Biscay

Project nº 94/059: Long-line selectivity and biology of redsea-breams

Project nº 94/065: Analysis of trawl discard operations in the central and eastern Mediterranean sea

Project nº 94/084: Selectivity of square-mesh windows in fish and Nephrops trawls

Project nº 94/086: Trammel and gill-net selectivity in the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea

Project nº 94/095: Incidental impact of gill-nets (Fantared)

Project nº 94/117: Creation of a discard database (DIBABA)

Project nº 94/118: Methods and standards in gill-net selectivity research

Project nº 95/012: Selectivity of static nets in the Mediterranean (SELMED)

Project nº 95/028: Study of alternatives for net location and/or identification: Technical Control Devices (CONTRONET)

Project nº 95/029: Efficacy and selectivity of the trawl used for the MEDITS project (ESMED)

Project nº 95/045: Development and testing of a species-selective flatfish otter trawl

Project nº 95/061: Analysis of trawl discard operations in the central and eastern Mediterranean sea

Project nº 95/078: Effects of large-scale industrial fisheries on non-target species (ELIFONTS)

Project nº 95/081: Studies of the discards of commercial fisheries from the south coast of Portugal

Project nº 95/085: Development of techniques to determine the fish gear towing capacity of fishing vessels

Project nº 95/094: On-board sampling of fish landed and discarded by commercial fishing vessels

Project nº 96/004: Development and testing of grids for the SkagerRak and North Sea shrimp fisheries

Project nº 96/005: Size selectivity and relative fishing power of Baltic cod gill-nets

Project nº 96/043: The future of satellite systems in European fisheries protection and management

Project nº 96/046: study of the contribution of satellite tracking for determining the location of catches by fishing vessels

Project nº 96/060: A study of the micro-distribution of beam trawling using an automated position recording system

Project nº 96/062: Hake semi-pelagic long-line selectivity and evaluation of selectivity models for hook and line gear

Project nº 96/063: Methodologies to study the impact of discards in trawl fisheries

Project nº 96/065: Comparative fixed gear selectivity studies in Portugal and Greece

Project nº 96/082: Investigation of the extent and nature of discarding from herring and mackerel fisheries in ices sub-areas IV(a) and VI(a)

Project nº 96/092: The composition and fate of discards from Nephrops trawling in Scottish and Italian waters

Section C: Applied fisheries research, resource surveys, population dynamics and stock assessment

Project nº 94/011, 94/047, 94/051 and 94/057: International bottom trawl survey in the Mediterranean – Spain, France, Greece and Italy (MEDITS)

Project nº 94/012: Research vessel surveys to determine the abundance of major fish stocks in ICES sub-areas IV and VI

Project nº 94/014: Research vessel surveys for stock assessment (assur)

Project nº 94/026: Sampling of commercial species in the Spanish Mediterranean fisheries

Project nº 94/028: An intensive fishing experiment in the Azores

Project nº 94/029: Study on the Spanish trawling fleet components and mapping of resources exploited by this fleet off the gulf of Cádiz

Project nº 94/034: Design optimisation and implementation of demersal cruise surveys in the Macronesian Archipelagos

Project nº 94/038: Collection of biological data for fish stock assessment in support of the Common Fishery Policy

Project nº 94/040: A study of the impact of technical conservation measures on lobster stocks in north-west Europe

Project nº 94/043: Study of the deep-water fisheries in the NAFO Regulatory Area

Project nº 94/048: Experimental trawling surveys in the North Sea and Eastern Channel

Project nº 94/053: Demographic structures of landings of main stocks in the North Sea and Eastern Channel

Project nº 94/069: Calibration of the towed underwater TV technique for use in stock assessment of Nephrops norvegicus

Project nº 94/071: Population structure in the lesser sandeel (Ammodytes marinus) and its Implications for fishery-predator interactions

Project nº 94/116: Development of a prototype otolith line for routine age reading of demersal species (OTOLIN)

Project nº 95/001: Research vessel bottom trawl surveys on major fish stocks in ICES sub-areas IV and VI

Project nº 95/009: Statistical analysis of the daily egg production biomass equation

Project nº 95/018: Direct methods of evaluation of abundance for the estimation of fishing mortality (F) and natural mortality (M) for small pelagics and the accuracy of such estimators

Project nº 95/019, 95/027, 95/054 and 95/065: International bottom trawl survey in the Mediterranean (MEDITS)

Project nº 95/022: The demographic structure of the main demersal fish stocks in the north-east Atlantic

Project nº 95/033: Optimal allocation of effort in sampling for age and length from commercial fisheries

Project nº 95/037: Analysis of the multi-specific sampling scheme for albacore

Project nº95/066: International bottom trawl survey (medits-it) – Seminars

Project nº 95/067: Synthesis of the knowledge on bottom biological resources in the central Mediterranean (Italy and Corsica)

Project nº 95/074: Echo surveys for herring in the North Sea and west of Scotland (ECHOHER)

Project nº 95/095: Design optimisation and implementation of demersal survey cruises in the Macronesian Archipelagos – II

Project nº. 95/104: analysis of the profitability of the fishing fleets of the community

Project nº 96/026: Improvement of the definition of species-specific effort in the Spanish multi-species trawl fishery of the Gulf of Càdiz

Project nº 96/029: Evaluation of demersal resources of south-western Europe from standardised groundfish surveys

Project nº 96/030: Study of exploited fish stocks on the Flemish Cap

Project nº 96/034: Population estimates of the Bay of Biscay anchovy by the daily egg production method

Project nº 96/036: Practical applications of the microsatellite markers in Atlantic salmon

Project nº 96/040: experimental trawling surveys in the north sea and eastern channel

Project nº 96/041: Study on a European tuna research laboratory: ORDET (Research Observatory on the Exploitation Dynamics of Tunas)

Project nº 96/048: Modeling of the larval stage of the anchovy (Engraulis mordax) of the Bay of Biscay. Estimation of the rate of recruitment in the juvenile stage

Project nº 96/051: Genetic erosion and parasitic infections: new tools for the evaluation of the state of bluefin tuna and swordfish stocks in the Mediterranean Sea

Project nº 96/054: Stock assessment of some coastal species caught by artisanal fisheries

Project nº 96/059: Research vessel surveys for stock assessment (ASSSUR2)

Project nº 96/071: Monitoring of pelagic fish resources by hydroacoustic surveys in the Baltic

Project nº 96/075: Evaluation of otolith microchemistry as a means of validating age in commercial fish species

Section D: Specific fishery investigations

Project nº 94/031: Biology and fishery of dolphinfish in the western Mediterranean and Canary Islands area

Project nº 94/044: Research into Crangon fisheries unerring effect (RESCUE)

Project nº 94/050: Investigations on abundance indices of purse-seine bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus l. 1758) in the Mediterranean Sea by observers on-board

Project nº 94/058: Baltic cod stock assessment: an international program to standardise sampling protocol, age determination and trawl surveys

Project nº 94/060: Anlysis of shellfish permit scheme data with reference to lobster stock enhancement and restrictive licensing schemes

Project nº 94/079: Catches of juvenile bluefin tuna and swordfish during the albacore long-line fishery in the Mediterranean

Project nº 95/010: Study of fishing and biology of juvenile bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus, L. 1759) from 0-1 age-class in the Mediterranean and east Atlantic

Project nº 95/015: Survey estimates of Nephrops in the Irish Sea

Project nº 95/025: Sole net survey (SNS)

Project nº 95/031: Biological study on Mediterranean hake (Merluccius Merluccius): spawning stock unavailable to the trawl fishery

Project nº 95/032: Biology of some Macronesian deep-sea commercial species

Project nº 95/038: Biological studies of demersal fish

Project nº 95/073: Dolphin-fish biological and fishing data in the western Mediterranean

Project nº 95/079: Analysis of catches and fishing effort for stock assessment of Merluccius merluccius in the central Tyrrhenian Sea

Project nº 96/001: Stock discrimination in relation to the assessment of the brill fishery; study in support of the Common Fisheries Policy

Project nº 96/013: Growth and natural mortality of Nephrops norvegicus, with an introduction and evaluation of creeling in Mediterranean waters

Project nº 96/028: a study of the causes of the increase in the catches of bigeye tuna by European purse-seiner tuna fleets in the Atlantic Ocean

Project nº 96/031: Report on a tagging survey of swordfish and associated species on-board long-line fishing vessel ‘LELO’ in the north Atlantic waters during May-June 1997

Project nº. 96/035: Spatial pattern of migration and recruitment of north-east Atlantic mackerel

Project nº 96/052: Distribution, biology and biomass estimates of the Sicilian Channel anchovy

Project nº 96/068: Intensive monitoring of spawning populations of the Baltic herring

Project nº 96/069: Hydroacoustic assessment of salmon in the River Tornionjoki

Project nº 96/073: Separation of spring and autumn spawning herring in the Skagerrack and Kattegat

Project nº 96/086: Investigation of the monkfish fishery in northern European Union waters

Section E: Fishery interactions, effect of fishing on the environment

Project nº 94/010: Fisheries research in western Mediterranean: interdisciplinary approach

Project nº 94/055: Trawl efforts and landings in the Ligurian Sea

Project nº 94/076: A study on the effects of fish (crustacea/mollusc) traps on benthic habitats and species

Project nº 94/077: Long-term trends in benthic communities on North Sea fishing grounds

Project nº 94/115: Experimental small cetacean survey along the continental shelf

Project nº 95/014: Trawling IMpact on Benthic Ecosystems (TRIBE)

Project nº 95/040: Grey seal, Halichoerus grypus, interactions with fisheries in Irish coastal waters

Project nº 95/052: Impact of bottom trawling on the sediments and benthic communities in the north-western Mediterranean

Project nº 95/064: Impacts of new focused fishing technologies on bivalve mollusc fisheries and their environment

Project nº 96/006: Trawl penetration in the sea-bed (TRApese)

Project nº 96/007: Inter-relationships between the brown shrimp population and the multi-national brown shrimp fishery (with emphasis on recent changes in the population structure)

Project nº 96/018: Sport fisheries in eastern Mediterranean (Greece and Italy)

Project nº 96/083: Pollution impacts on North Sea fish stocks

Project nº 96/087: Development of an automatic porpoise detector

Project nº 96/089: Documentation of the scientific literature pertaining to environmental issues arising from the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy

Project nº 96/093: Incidental catches of tunas in Cluepeiod purse-seine fisheries

Section F: socio-economic studies

Project nº 96/047: Economic evaluation of fisheries monitoring

Project nº 96/050: Analysis of the economic factors that are at the basis of frauds; implications for the adoption of the Reg. 2847/93

Project nº 96/080: The costs and benefits of compliance with regulations in northern EU Fisheries

Project nº 96/090: Compliance with fishery regulations