Fisheries Partnership Agreement

The current fisheries partnership agreement concluded between the EU and Senegal covers the period 20 November 2014 – 19 November 2019, and is tacitly renewed for 5-year periods.

This fisheries agreement allows EU vessels from Spain and France to fish in the Senegalese waters and is part of the tuna network fisheries agreements in West Africa.

Main issues of the FPA

Duration of the Agreement 5 years renewable (20.11.2014—19.11.2019)
Duration of the Protocol 5 years (20.11.2014—19.11.2019)
Initialisation 25 April 2014
Nature of the FPA Tuna Fishery Agreement with a limited demersal component
Financial contribution Decreasing: 1 808 000 to 1 668 000 €/year. Including 750 000 €/year to the support of the fisheries sector.
Fee for ship owners Tuna: increasing: 55 – 70 € per tonne caught.
Hake: 90 € per tonne caught
Advances Tuna seiners: increasing: 13 750 – 17 500 € per year (ref catches: 250 tonnes)
Pole-and-liners: increasing: 8 250 – 10 500 € per year (ref catches: 150 tonnes)
Trawlers: 500 € per trimester
Reference tonnage (tuna) 14 000 t/year
Total allowable catch (hake) 2 000 t/year
Spain France Total
Tuna seiners 16 12 28 vessels
Pole-and-liners 7 1 8 vessels
Trawlers 2 - 2 vessels


A Framework Agreement, one of the first bilateral fisheries agreements ever concluded by the European Union,  was adopted by Council Regulation (EEC) No 2212/80 of 27.6.80 (OJ L 226 of 29.8.80). The latest protocol, covering the period from 01.07.2002 to 30.06.2006, was the sixteenth since the entry into force of the 1980 Framework Agreement. It was adopted by Council Regulation (EC) No 2323/2002 of 16 December 2002. This mixed protocol established fishing opportunities for crustaceans, small pelagic species, demersal species and tuna.

On 25 April 2014, a new Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement and a new Protocol have been initialled, following negotiations started in January of that year. Signing and provisional entry into force of both instruments took place on 20 November 2014. On 11 February 2015 the European Parliament gave its consent to the proposals for adoption, by the Council, of the conclusion decisions of the agreement and the protocol.  The new agreement replaces the previous framework agreement. The Protocol offers fishing possibilities for tuna and includes a limited access to black hake, a deep demersal resource.  Agreement and protocol were negotiated in strict accordance with the requirements of the new EU fisheries policy, thus ensuring sustainability of the fish stocks, protection of the local fishermen and food security, strict controls and support to the fight against IUU fishing. 

Legal framework

Scientific advice

In accordance with the agreement and protocol, the two Parties encourage scientific cooperation and consult a Joint Scientific Committee (JSC) to strengthen monitoring of the marine biological resources and to examine scientific questions relating to the implementation of the Protocol.

The EU-Senegal JSC last met in Dakar,11-13 July 2018. The JSC’s analyses and recommendations are published in its 2018 final report.