The European fisheries fund (EFF) (2007-2013)

The European fisheries fund (EFF) (2007-2013)

The European fisheries fund (EFF) (2007-2013)

The European fisheries fund (EFF) provides funding to the fishing industry and coastal communities to help them adapt to changing conditions in the sector and become economically resilient and ecologically sustainable.

Part of the EU funding for fisheries goes to development of fisheries areas, here in Finland. © Lionel Flageul

The EFF has a budget of €4.3 billion for 2007-2013. Funding is available for all sectors of the industry – sea and inland fishing, aquaculture (the farming of fish, shellfish and aquatic plants), and processing and marketing of fisheries products. Particular attention is given to fishing communities most affected by recent changes in the industry.

Projects are funded on the basis of strategic plans and operational programmes drawn up by national authorities. There are five priority areas (axes) for EFF funding:

  • adjustment of the fleet (e.g. to support scrapping of fishing vessels)
  • aquaculture, processing and marketing, and inland fishing (e.g. to support the shift to more environmentally friendly production methods)
  • measures of common interest (e.g. to improve product traceability or labelling)
  • sustainable development of fisheries areas (e.g. to support diversification of the local economy)
  • technical assistance to finance the administration of the fund.

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