National aquaculture links

National aquaculture links

National aquaculture links

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National aquaculture links


This page provides links to the relevant national authorities responsible for aquaculture in the Member States. You may find useful information encompassing statistics, relevant national legislations, national publications and much more.

Flag of Belgium Belgique/België

Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria

Flag of Czech Republic Česko

Flag of Denmark Danmark

Flag of Germany Deutschland

Flag of Estonia Eesti

Flag of Greece Ellada

Flag of Spain España

Flag of France France

Flag of Croatia Hrvatska

Flag of Ireland Ireland

Flag of Italy Italia

Flag of Cyprus Kypros

Flag of Latvia Latvija

Flag of Lithuania Lietuva

Flag of Lithuania Luxembourg

Flag of Hungary Magyarország

Flag of Malta Malta

Flag of The Netherlands Nederland

Flag of Austria Österreich

Flag of Poland Polska

Flag of Portugal Portugal

Flag of Romania România

Flag of Slovenia Slovenija

Flag of Slovakia Slovensko

Flag of Finland Suomi/Finland

Flag of Sweden Sverige