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For the 2014-2020 period, approximately 20% of funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund is planned to be invested in the aquaculture sector. Each Member State has drawn up an operational programme, which is then adopted by the Commission, outlining how funding from both national and EU sources will be directed towards strategic priorities for sustainable jobs and growth in the aquaculture sector in line with the multiannual strategic plans.  

Sustainable aquaculture development is one of the main priorities of the EMFF. The money allocated to this priority can be spent on a number of different aspects at the discretion of the responsible Member State authority. The aspects supported under the EMFF may include:

  • Innovative investments in equipment, modernisation to improve productivity, limit negative environmental impacts and maximise positive effects
  • Management and advisory services for farms
  • Training education and certification of staff
  • Identification and mapping of suitable areas for aquaculture to improve planning
  • Support for new farmers entering the sector
  • Converting to eco-management schemes
  • Providing additional environmental services in favour of increasing income based on production
  • Compensation for mollusc farmers for area closures on public health grounds
  • Disease eradication and other schemes to improve animal health and welfare
  • Stock insurance for farmers

See Articles 45 – 57 of the EMFF Regulation for further information.
Details of the responsible national authorities in each Member State

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