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Public consultation: Building a Capital Markets Union


The purpose of the Green Paper is to consult all interested parties on the Commission’s overall approach to putting in place the building blocks for CMU by 2019, the underlying economic rationale of CMU, and on possible measures which could be taken to achieve this objective.

The main areas that the Green Paper seeks to address are:

  • improving access to financing for all businesses across Europe and investment projects, in particular start-ups, SMEs and long-term projects;
  • increasing and diversifying the sources of funding from investors in the EU and all over the world; and
  • making the markets work more effectively so that the connections between investors and those who need funding are more efficient and effective, both within Member States and cross-border.

Target group

All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from capital market participants and their representatives, investors, companies, national authorities, universities, and business organisations.

How to submit your response

Please note that in order to ensure a fair and transparent consultation process only responses received through the online questionnaire will be taken into account and included in the report summarising the responses.

Consultation document

Please click here to view the Green paper

Reference documents and other related consultations

Contact details

Responsible services:
DG Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union
Unit C1 – Capital markets union
Postal address:
European Commission
SPA2 03/071
1049 Brussels

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Results of consultation and next steps

We have received 422 responses and thank all those who have contributed to this consultation.