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European Vocational Skills Week: "Discover your Talent!"
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You are invited to register your event/activity for the European Vocational Skills Week by supplying the information requested below. Once we can see that the information is compatible with the guidelines for organising events/activities, and we can accept it, we will send you a communications kit and your event/activity will be entered on a map on our webpage.

Organise your own event/activity – Guidelines

Information requested for national/regional and local events/activities linked to the European Vocational Skills Week

Please use English for filling-in this form (whenever possible). Please add the name and a short description of the event/activity also in your national language.

Note: The organiser(s) of the event(s)/activities are solely responsible for the implementation of the activities indicated in the map/granted the visual identity. The Commission has no control on and assumes no responsibility about any links to external sites provided. The European Commission reserves the right to delete without prior warning any information inserted that can be regarded as unlawful, unethical or unsuitable and accepts no liability for loss or damage resulting from such an action.

General Event Information
*Name or title of the event/activity organised (English)
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We open the door to school workshops and practicum
*Name or title of the event/activity organised (National Language)
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Otvaramo vrata školskih radionica i praktikuma
*City of the event/activity
*Date from
between 17/07/2016 and 31/12/2016
*Date to
between 17/07/2016 and 31/12/2016
*Short description of the event/activity (English)
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Purpose, main activities, expected outcomes (English)
Please clearly indicate how the event/activity is linked to vocational training.
On Wednesday, 7th December 2016, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. our school workshops and practicums will be opened. The students will demonstrate practical knowledge and skills under the mentorship of the following teachers: CNC – Computer Numerical Control (Mr.Smojver), automechatronics (Mr.Segulin), automechanics (Mr.Rak) and welding (Mr.Petković). Elementary school students are especilally invited. A tour of the workshops and practicums will bring them closer to future careers. They will have a better change in choosing their desired secondary school. Other interested citizens are invited to take a tour around our specialised classrooms and learn about new forms of learning for vocational education via new technologies.
*Short description of the event/activity (National Language)
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Purpose, aim, expected outcomes (Only in National Language, not english)
Please clearly indicate how the event/activity is linked to vocational training.
U srijedu 7. prosinca 2016. u vremenu od 9 do 13 sati otvaramo vrata školskih radionica i praktikuma. Učenici će zainteresiranoj javnosti praktično pokazati stečena znanja i vještine, uz mentorstvo nastavnika: CNC (Smojver), automehatronika (Segulin), automehanika (Rak) i zavarivanje (Petković). Posebno pozivamo učenike osnovnih škola, ulazak u radionice i praktikume približit će im, možda, buduće zanimanje i olakšati odabir pri upisu u srednju školu. Pozivamo i sve ostale zainteresirane građane da razgledaju prostore i vide nove oblike strukovnog obrazovanja podržanog novim tehnologijama. Zanimanja za koja u Školi obrazujemo, deficitarna su i omogućuju konkurentnost na tržištu rada.

* Organisation responsible for the event/activity

Name, address, contact details
Strojarska škola za industrijska i obrtnička zanimanja, Rijeka, J. Vlahovića 10, tel. 051 343 145
*Type of organisation responsible for the event/activity
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National/Regional/Local authority
Vocational training organisation
Adult learning organisation
Social partner organisation
Youth organisation
Parents organisation
Employment service
Chambers and professional organisations
Civil society organisation
Research institute
National Agency responsible for EU programmes
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vocational school

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Gojko Miletić, ravnatelj, 051 343 132
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Study fair
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Vocational students
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zainteresirana javnost
*Event/activity is about
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Showcasing: Excellence
Showcasing: Employability and personal development
Showcasing: Creativity and innovation
Showcasing: A broad set of skills
Showcasing: Social inclusion, diversity and active citizenship
Awareness of opportunities in VET: Training for young people
Awareness of opportunities in VET: Training for adults
Building evidence: Careers
Building evidence: VET research
Building evidence: Future prospects for VET
Building evidence: Mobility in VET
Partnerships: multi-stakeholder partnerships
Partnerships: Business-education partnerships

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