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EUSurvey is an online survey-management system built for the creation and publishing of globally accessible forms, such as user satisfaction surveys and public consultations.

Launched in 2013, EUSurvey is the European Commission's official survey management tool and is mainly used to create official surveys of public interest as well as forms for internal communication and staff management like evaluation forms, satisfaction surveys and registration forms.

EUSurvey offers a large list of form elements from simple text questions and multiple-choice questions to advanced elements like editable spread-sheet and multimedia elements.

The reference installation is hosted at DG DIGIT at the European Commission and is offered as a public service to all European Citizens free of charge. EUSurvey can be accessed from the following location:

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Built at DG DIGIT, the European Commission's Directorate for Informatics, and financed by the ISA programme (, EUSurvey is fully open source and is published under the EUPL license. The source code can be downloaded from the Joinup pages of the European Commission:

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The EUSurvey survey creation and management system has been optimized for a screen resolution of 1024x768.

Best user-experience in survey creation is currently achieved using Mozilla Firefox 3.6+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+.

Submission of an individual contribution has successfully been tested with Mozilla Firefox 3.6+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+, Google Chrome 23.0+ and Apple Safari 5.1.7.


The EUSurvey application offers a wide variety of features to meet different survey needs. The complete list of available features is detailed below:

Form Features

Large List of Form Elements

A registered user can choose from a variety of different question types to create an individual online survey. Using the easy-to-use form editor, the user selects from questions types like simple-text and multiple-choice questions to more complex spread-sheet questions or multimedia survey elements. The survey can be formated using special structural elements.

Branching Logic

Offers the possibility to display additional form elements, depending on answers previously given by the participant, making the survey interactive.


Publish and un-publish your survey automatically at a specified point in time

Hot Deployment

The system offers the ability to replace a published survey by a fully editable copy of itself on the fly, without losing any contributions already submitted


With the multi-language user interface available in 23 languages, the user is encouraged to translate the form into any of the 136 possible languages covered by ISO 639-1, from Abkhaz to Zulu.

Secured Forms

The application offers the necessary infrastructure for secure online forms and to invite privileged participants through email invitations.

Advanced Privacy

Participant privacy can be guaranteed through creation of anonymous forms that make connection details unavailable to the form's author.

Customizable Themes

Using a built-in CSS style editor and embedded rich-text editors for all visible texts of a form, the user has full control about the form's style. A large list of survey themes makes it easy to adapt the form to a project's identity. Choose between single page and multi-page surveys.

Save an Answer Draft

Lets participants save their draft answers on the server and recall them at a later point in time

Offline Answering

EUSurveys offers the possibility to answer a form offline before submitting to the server at a later point in time, making submitting an EUSurvey form even more flexible.


Give your survey some additional structure by letting the system create the numbering of your form elements

Enhanced contrast

Allows visually impaired persons to choose a high-contrast version of the survey, that is created automatically for each form

Upload of Related Files

Upload a file to your survey for download by every participant of your survey

Form Management

Survey Publication

Publish your survey automatically on the European Commission's EUSurvey application list of public surveys, giving your survey higher visibility

Collaborative Work

For surveys managed by multiple users, EUSurvey allows the set-up of advanced privileges to other users to allow testing or analysis the survey results.

Result Management

Result Analysis

EUSurvey offers basic result analysis capabilities and visualization of data in histograms and chart views, while offering the possibility to export survey results to standard spread-sheet formats for import into statistical applications.

Result Publication

Use the possibilities of EUSurvey to publish a sub-set of all submitted answers on the internal pages of the Application, based on the answers of your participants. Let the system compute and create all statistical values and charts automatically.

Post-submission Editing

Offer your participants the possibility to modify a contribution after it has been submitted
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