Incineration with energy recovery is considered a Recovery operation. However, incineration without energy recovery is considered a Disposal operation.

The detailed conditions and energy efficiency thresholds are given in the 'Guidelines on the energy efficiency formula for incineration facilities' related to the Waste Framework Directive.

The data on this page relates to all types of incineration.

Incineration data

The Waste Statistics Regulation requires Member States to report treatment data in tonnes and by waste category. It has also to be indicated whether the waste is hazardous or not.

 Incineration of waste, by country, year, treatment type, waste category and hazardousness, in tonnes

Metadata is available for waste statistics.


Incineration is widespread in a number of European Member States, such as Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The environmental impacts associated with Energy from Waste processes are controlled by both the Waste Incineration Directive and the Large Combustion Plant Directive.

They aim is to ensure that certain pollutants are kept within recommended limits and, to some extent, the externalities associated with combusting wastes are internalised.