Mining and quarrying

Under the Waste Statistics Regulation waste data is categorised by 18 economic activities (NACE Rev. 2 codes). The data tables below show waste statistics reported under the NACE code for the Mining and Quarrying Sector.

Total waste generation is mainly a factor of the size of the Member State. To compare trends between Member States the data is also presented in terms of kg per inhabitant (this takes the size of the country into consideration).

 Generation of waste by the Mining and quarrying sector, by country, year and waste category, in kg per inhabitant and tonnes

Directive 2006/21/EC on the management of waste from extractive industries (the Mining Waste Directive) does not contain any specific targets. However, the general objectives of the directive are:

  • to prevent or reduce the generation of waste and its negative impact;
  • to encourage waste recovery through recycling, re-use or reclaiming; and
  • to encourage the short and long-term safe disposal of waste.


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