Material prices for recyclates

The revenues from secondary materials (waste materials or recyclates) can pay for a substantial part of the total cost of waste management schemes in EU Member States. Therefore understanding how the price of recyclate changes over time is an important aspect of waste management.

Some waste materials - such as glass, paper and plastics - are covered by the Foreign Trade Statistics (FTS) in volume (tonnes) and in value (€). For each material the FTS provide data relating to differing values of material - from lower value post-consumer waste to higher priced and well defined residues from manufacturing processes. Foreign Trade Statistics are published monthly, with a delay of approx. 3.5 months. Reliable data is available from the year 2000 onwards, which was chosen as the starting point for the price indicators.


The primary indicator presents the specific prices (€/tonne) over the total traded volume of glass, paper and plastic for all related FTS codes.

As an additional indicator the total volume (import and export) of the 3 traded waste materials is shown. This indicator (tonnes/month) shows the activity of the market and covers intra- and extra-trade in EU-28.

Tables and charts for each material can be accessed by clicking on the links below:




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