Management of waste excluding major mineral wastes (pilot data)

Waste management indicators measure how waste generated in the EU as a whole and in individual countries is finally treated, whether in the EU / EU countries or abroad. The indicator set reflects the treatment rates of the waste produced in a given country by type of treatment. Indicators are expressed in volumes of treated waste by treatment category as a proportion of the total amount of waste treated.

The indicator covers both non-hazardous and hazardous waste from all economic sectors and from households. However, it excludes mineral wastes and soil, over 90% of which come from mining and construction.

The indicator set comprises treatment rates for the 6 treatment categories defined in the Waste Statistics Regulation:

Treatment category Code
Recovery other than energy recovery - Except backfilling (R2-R11)  RCV_O
Recovery other than energy recovery - Backfilling RCV_B
Incineration / energy recovery (R1) RCV_E
Incineration / disposal (D10)  INC
Deposit onto or into land (D1, D5, D12) DSP_D
Land treatment and release into water bodies (D2-4, D6, D7) DSP_O


The indicator set is based on waste treatment data, collected in the way stipulated by the Waste Statistics Regulation, that reflect the amounts of waste managed in the EU as a whole and in individual EU countries. In addition, foreign trade statistics (COMEXT data[1] or national data on waste imports/exports) are used to show the amounts of waste exported and imported. Waste exports are added to the waste treated in the EU / in individual EU countries, while imports are deducted.

For a detailed description of the methodological approach, see the metadata.

The indicator set is available for every second year after the reference year, 2010.



Click on the link below to view a table showing trends in treatment rates by country and treatment type:

Waste management by waste operations (t, %) - pilot project (env_wasoper)

Metadata (indicator profile) can be found here.

The country-specific notes explain particular features and breaks in indicator data time series (under development).

For more data on the waste stream ‘Waste excluding major mineral wastes; see ‘Key Waste Streams’.


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