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Tourism in a nutshell

The European Union's tourism industry occupies an important place in the economy of the Member States with tourist activities representing a large potential source of employment. Any appraisal of its competitiveness requires a good knowledge of the volume of tourism, its characteristics, the profile of the tourist and tourism expenditure and the benefits for the European economies.

Regulation 692/2011 concerning European statistic on tourism is the prime basis for official, harmonised statistics on tourism supply and demand. The Regulation covers on the one hand data on capacity and occupancy of tourist accommodation establishments and on the other hand data on trips made by EU residents. Information of a more economic nature is available from related domains of business or social statistics. Comprehensive datasets as well as summary tables are available on the Eurostat website, easily accessible via the tourism statistics portal.

The current version of Statistics Illustrated (Flexible Dashboards) was developed in close cooperation with DG Growth, in the context of the Virtual Tourism Observatory.

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