Factors of business success

The survey on factors of business success is a follow-up to the data collection exercise for business demography. While the business demography project provides data on enterprise births, survivals, deaths and related changes in employment, the purpose of this survey is to shed more light on factors that support or hamper the success of newly born enterprises.

Information is presented on the motivations for starting-up a business, barriers and risks encountered during the first years of existence, the current situation of the enterprise, and business plans for future development.

The population surveyed in this project was enterprises born in 2002, that had survived to 2005, and that were still managed by their founders at the time of the survey. Data are available from 15 countries that participated on a voluntary basis.


There are seven tables covering the same countries, variables, and activity (NACE) breakdowns, broken down by characteristics of the enterprise or the entrepreneur.

Enterprise characteristics:

  • size class (employees) in the year of birth (2002);
  • size class (employees) in the year 2005.

Entrepreneur characteristics:

  • age;
  • gender;
  • activity;
  • experience managing an enterprise;
  • education.