Statistics on international trade in sporting goods enable us to measure the value of sporting goods traded between EU Member States (intra-EU trade) and between Member States and non-EU countries (extra-EU trade). Such statistics provide a picture of the weight of sport-related products in international trade and give some idea of the impact of sport-related industries on the whole economy.

Data on external trade in sporting goods are extracted and then compiled from Eurostat Comext database, which contains trade statistics for the EU Member States, EFTA countries and Candidate Countries.

Internationally traded sport-related items were identified according to the Harmonised Systems (HS) classification and then aggregated in meaningful groups corresponding to disciplines or specific sports equipment and accessories.

The following indicators are available for the import and export of sporting goods for selected partner countries or geo-economic areas:

  • Value of trade in thousands of Euro
  • Percentage of total trade
  • Percentage of total EU-28 trade
  • Percentage of total sport trade.