Annual data

Key indicators by country (Format ESA2010)

Excel Annual key indicators by Member States - Households

Excel Annual key indicators by Member States - Non-financial corporations

Please open the above file in Excel 2007 or later versions.

  • Households: saving rate, investment rate, disposable income, consumption, gross debt-to-income ratio and net financial wealth
  • Non-financial corporations: investment rate, profit share, gross return on capital employed before taxes, net debt-to-income ratio after taxes and net return on equity after taxes.

Last update: 26 October 2018. Next update: 29 January 2019.

Data in ESA2010 format

Data in ESA 2010 format combine both the non-financial and financial accounts into a sequence of accounts by institutional sectors, to describe the economic cycle from production, generation of income, through its distribution and re-distribution, and its use for final consumption and saving to provide for the accumulation of financial assets.

European aggregates

Excel Euro area (1999 - 2017) (1.3 Mb) Excel EU28 (1999 - 2017) (865 Kb)

Last update of European aggregates: 26 October 2018. Next update: 29 January 2019.
Countries data could be updated in the meantime, subject to availability.

Note 1: Due to the conversion to euro, the growth rates of EU aggregates may be affected by movements in exchange rates and should be viewed with caution.
Note 2: As cross-border flows within the area concerned (and resulting asymmetries) have been removed, European sector accounts are internally consistent but have discrepancies with other national accounts data.
Note 3: Financial accounts are available for Euro area only.

Member States

Note 1: National sources and methods may differ between non-financial and financial accounts, resulting in discrepancies in net borrowing /net lending as reported in the two sets of accounts (B.9 and B.9F respectively). There may also be differences in national revision policy and delivery dates to Eurostat. The discrepancy between both data sets (B.9-B.9F) in this presentation has been calculated by Eurostat, based on the latest data verified by Eurostat.

Note 2: For some countries non-financial accounts are not fully balanced (GDP is not equal to the sum of its components, net lending/net borrowing is not equal to sum of values by sectors). This is due to statistical discrepancies that are not recorded explicitly in sector accounts tables.