About this service - SDMX Web Services

About this service

These SDMX Web Services are a programmatic access to Eurostat data, with the possibility to:

  • get a complete list of publicly available datasets.  
  • detail the complete structure definition of a given dataset.  
  • download a subset of a given dataset or a full dataset.

This operation allows customizing requests for data. You can choose which dimensions with which values you want to retrieve data for. Processing time and the resulting data depend on the query, where a small subset of a dataset could have size of a couple kilobytes and can be served in a couple of seconds whereas a full dataset could reach to a several megabytes and service time might take around several minutes.

SDMX Web Services:

Please refer to the table of contents for a full list of available datasets and predefined tables. The Census Hub data scope is not supported.

  • Provide data in SDMX 2.0 and 2.1 formats;  
  • Support both Representation State Transfer (REST) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) protocols;  
  • Return responses in English language only; 
  • Are free of charge.