Project overview[last update : 18-11-2016]

A first step to SDMX for ESSPROS has been made concerning standardisation. Member States currently use the existing Excel Questionnaire with which to send data back to Eurostat. However, a series of DSDs have been prepared. Using a macro, the excel questionnaires are made 'fit' to use with the SDMX Converter using the SDMX DSDs to generate xml files.

DSD availability

Five DSDs have been prepared and uploaded to the Euro Registry:

  • ESSPROS_NET v1.2

  • ESSPROS_REC v1.2

  • ESSPROS_EXP v1.2



Transmission and Validation

All datasets transmissions to Eurostat must be through EDAMIS (Eurostat's Single Entry Point). Validation rules have been developed within the MDT production database, predominantly inter-data set validations. As such, these validations are done at the end of process, with no validation being done closer to the data providers. Furthermore, MDT has been set up to receive SDMX files.

Project contacts

Business request: ESTAT-ESSPROS@ec.europa.eu

SDMX technical request: ESTAT-SUPPORT-SDMX@ec.europa.eu

Planned actions and updates

Fuller, phased implementation is planned over the coming years. From 2017 onwards, work will begin so that Member States can use appropriate tools to generate SDMX-compliant files themselves, with a view to full automation and validation by 2020.