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Project overview[last update : 18-11-2016]

The Census Hub is a conceptually new system for dissemination of the 2011 Census data referenced via the Eurostat website. It is based on the concept of data sharing and web services, where a group of partners agree on providing access to their data according to standard processes formats and technologies. At this purpose the SDMX standards is used.

The hub is a well-accessible system providing involved actors with the following actions:

  • Data providers can:
    • notify the hub of new sets of data and corresponding structural metadata (measures, dimension, code lists, etc.);
    • make data available directly from their systems through a querying system.
  • Data users can:
    • browse the hub to define a dataset of interest via the above structural metadata;
    • retrieve the dataset from the NSIs.

It provides single access point to data which are stored remotely and not physically transmitted to Eurostat, ensuring high performance and allowing Member States to have full control over their data.

DSD availability

95 DSDs, organised in 4 distinct groups, are included in the Census 2011 package, available on the CIRCABC

  • Population / Persons
  • Households
  • Dwellings
  • Quantitative metadata

These DSDs are available for download under (https://circabc.europa.eu/w/browse/a3615043-1dad-4218-9517-4802540fa1a7)

Transmission and Validation

Data are exchanges only upon end-user request and visualised without intermediate storage. 19 core tables are available under Eurostat website.

Data validation is performed by the data providers and data have undergo quality assessment by Eurostat

Project contacts

Business request: ESTAT-Census@ec.europa.eu

SDMX technical request: ESTAT-CENSUSHUB@ec.europa.eu

Planned actions and updates

Reuse of the solution for Census 2021 data dissemination is under assessment.