Project overview[last update : 18-11-2016]

Environmental Accounts consist of several independent 'modules', each one with a separate data transmission. There are 3 modules with a legal basis as well as 3 modules that will become mandatory in 2017, plus other pilot tests. They are all refer to annual transmissions.

The implementing act adopted in 2015 (1) sets out the legal basis for using SDMX standards in Environmental Accounts. Eurostat is seeking to implement SDMX in Environmental Accounts in a gradual manner in order to avoid any potential hiccups in the regular data production process as well as any unnecessary burden. The implementation will start with the 3 modules of the 1st legal set (environmental taxes, AEA, MFA) and the other modules will follow at a later date, building on the experience with implementing the first set.

DSD availability

The DSDs for Environmental Accounts are stored in the Euro SDMX Production Registry: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/sdmxregistry/

  • ESTAT+ENV_MONETARY_FLOWS+1.1.xml. For Monetary flows, there is 1 dataflow processing constraint, stored in the Euro SDMX Production Registry: ESTAT+VENVMFLA_TAXIND_A+1.1.xml

  • ESTAT+ENV_PHYSICAL_FLOWS+1.1.xml. For Physical flows, there are 2 dataflows processing constraints, stored in the Euro SDMX Production Registry: ESTAT+VENVPFLA_AEA_A+1.1.xml and ESTAT+VENVPFLA_MFA_A+1.1.xml

Transmission and Validation

All test datasets transmitted to Eurostat must be through EDAMIS (Eurostat's Single Entry Point) in SDMX COMPACT format.

The existing non-SDMX Environmental Accounts transmission has structural validation integrated (in the questionnaire). In the changeover, SDMX structural validation will not be lost. IS4STAT/ STRUVAL (Structured Validation Service) is the proposed solution.

Project contacts

Business request: cesar.dediegodiez@ec.europa.eu

SDMX technical request: ESTAT-SUPPORT-SDMX@ec.europa.eu

Planned actions and updates

During 2017, tests with volunteer Member States will continue. The schedule for putting into production the formal implementation will be discussed and agreed with the Member States.

(1) Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/2174 of 24 November 2015 on the indicative compendium of environmental goods and services, the format for data transmission for European environmental economic accounts and modalities, structure and periodicity of the quality reports pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 691/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council on European environmental economic accounts.