2. Zero hunger - Sustainable development indicators

SDG 2 'Zero hunger'

Image SDG 2; © UN

SDG 2 seeks to end hunger and malnutrition, and ensure access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food. Sustainable and resilient food production systems are a key factor in achieving this goal. Implementing sustainable agricultural practices can help ensure future food security in a scenario of increasing demand and changing climate.

Realising these goals is largely dependent on increased investment in rural infrastructure and agricultural research and development. Even with favourable increases in agricultural production, however, food security and improved nutrition will be elusive for many if price and information distortions in world agricultural markets persist. Policy makers have a role to play in promoting sustainable production systems and ensuring proper functioning of food commodity markets and access to market information.

Monitoring SDG 2 in an EU context focuses on progress made in fighting against malnutrition, fostering sustainable agriculture and reducing the adverse impacts of agricultural production.

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