12. Responsible consumption and production - Sustainable development indicators

sdg 12 'responsible consumption and production'

Image SDG 12; © UN

SDG 12 calls for action on all fronts: adoption of sustainable practices and sustainability reporting by businesses; promotion of sustainable procurement practices and rationalisation inefficient fossil-fuel subsidies by policy-makers; environmentally-aware lifestyles of consumers; development of new technologies and production and consumption methods by researchers and scientists and others.

SDG 12 envisions sustainable consumption and production, which uses resources efficiently, reduces global food and other waste, disposes safely toxic waste and pollutants.

SDG 12 also highlights the importance of strengthening scientific and technological capacity in developing countries to move to sustainable patterns of consumption and production and developing tools to monitor sustainable development impacts for sustainable tourism.  

Monitoring SDG 12 in an EU context focuses on progress made in decoupling environmental impacts from economic growth, in decreasing its energy consumption and in tackling waste generation and management.

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