4. Quality education - Sustainable development indicators

SDG 4 'Quality education

Image SDG 4; © UN

SDG 4 seeks to ensure access to equitable and quality education through all stages of life. Apart from formal qualifications, SDG 4 also aims to increase the number of youth and adults having relevant skills for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, SDG 4 envisions the elimination of gender and income disparities in access to education. The achievement of universal literacy and numeracy and the acquisition of knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development are also considered crucial for empowering people to live independent, healthy and sustainable lives.

To accelerate progress, SDG 4 calls for building and upgrading educational facilities, expanding the number of higher education scholarships available to developing countries and increasing the supply of qualified teachers.

Monitoring SDG 4 in an EU context focuses on progress made in promoting and increasing basic education, tertiary education and adult education.

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