9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure - Sustainable development indicators

Sdg 9 'industry, innovation and infrastructure'

Image SDG 9; © UN

SDG 9 calls for building resilient and sustainable infrastructure, which supports sustainable development and human well-being. SDG 9 promotes inclusive and sustainable industrialisation as a core driver for ending poverty and improving standards of living of all people.

SDG 9 also recognises the importance of technological progress and innovation for finding lasting solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges. It calls for fostering innovation by enhancing scientific research and technology development, and by upgrading technological capabilities of industrial actors.

SDG 9 also seeks to increase access to financial services for small-scale enterprises and to bridge the digital divide by increasing access to information and communication technologies. It calls for enhanced international cooperation and support to developing countries.

Monitoring SDG 9 in an EU context focuses on progress made in strengthening R&D and innovation and in promoting sustainable transport. 

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