8. Decent work and economic growth - Sustainable development indicators

SDG 8 'decent work and economic growth'

 Image SDG 8; © UN

SDG 8 recognises the importance of sustained economic growth and high levels of economic productivity for the creation of well-paid quality jobs and the achievement of global prosperity. SDG 8 calls for providing opportunities for full and productive employment and decent work for all while eradicating forced labour, human trafficking and child labour and promoting labour rights and safe and secure working environments.

SDG 8 draws particular attention to creating opportunities for the youth who are not in education, employment and training in order to prevent future erosion of skills and job discouragement.

SDG 8 also foresees enhanced international cooperation to support growth and decent employment in developing countries through increased aid for trade, development-oriented policies and a global strategy for youth employment.

Monitoring SDG 8 in an EU context focuses on progress made in fostering sustainable economic growth, in increasing employment and in providing decent work opportunities.

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