General evaluation results - Quality

General evaluation results

Eurostat conducts two types of evaluations that assess Eurostat's performance in general:

Evaluations of the European Statistical Programmes

The obligation to carry out mid-term and ex-post evaluations of the multiannual European Statistical Programmes is contained in the Programme itself. The evaluations should assess whether and how the objectives of the programme were achieved and lead to some recommendations for improvements in the design and monitoring of future programmes. You will find below the most recent evaluations.

2013-2020 Programme:

 Mid-term evaluation report

 Second mid-term evaluation

 Executive summary of the second mid-term evaluation

 Progress report on the implementation of the programme (2019)

2008-2012 Programme:

 Report from an independent expert on the final evaluation of the Community Statistical Programme - Executive summary

 Final evaluation report

User Satisfaction Surveys

A precondition for any production of data or other services by Eurostat is the knowledge about user needs and their satisfaction with the data and services offered so far. Every year a general Eurostat User Satisfaction Survey is carried out, the most recent reports of which can be found here.

 User satisfaction survey 2020

 Eurostat improvement actions in 2019 coming from the user satisfaction survey

 User satisfaction survey 2019

 User satisfaction survey for media 2019

 Eurostat improvement actions in 2018 coming from the user satisfaction survey 2017

 User satisfaction survey 2017

 Eurostat improvement actions in 2016 coming from the user satisfaction survey 2015

 User satisfaction survey 2016

 User satisfaction survey for media 2016

 Eurostat improvement actions in 2015 coming from the user satisfaction survey 2014

 User satisfaction survey 2015

 User satisfaction survey for media 2015