Peer reviews in the European Statistical System

The first round of peer reviews (2006-2008)

The documents relating to the first round of peer reviews are available below. These are the guides for the NSIs and peer reviewers and a summary of good practices identified during the peer reviews.

Peer review guidelines for NSIs version 1.3

Peer review guidelines for peers version 1.2

Summary of good practices

Following the first round of peer reviews, Eurostat prepared a report to the European Parliament and the Council. The report summarises the findings of the peer reviews and sets out action for implementing the CoP. A related Commission staff working paper gathers in one document all the improvement actions contained in the individual reports.

Peer review reports

As a first step in 2005 a self-assessment questionnaire, detailing the principles and indicators of the Code of Practice, was filled in by Eurostat and all National Statistical Institutes of the European Statistical System.

2005 overview on the institutional set-up of national statistical institutes and Eurostat

2006 overview on the results of the National Statistical Institutes' self-assessments

2006 overview on the results of the Eurostat self-assessment

Brief descriptions of the statistical system and a report presenting the outcomes for each country and Eurostat are provided in the table below.