The Commission's evaluation system is decentralised: Eurostat is responsible for the evaluation of its activities which are conducted in accordance with the binding evaluation standards approved by the Commission. The evaluation team of Eurostat implements some and coordinates all evaluation activities and is part of the Unit "Legal affairs; Document management".

The wider context for these activities as well as their more detailed description is provided in the Charter for the evaluation function at Eurostat.

For further information please contact Eurostat ESTAT EVALUATION

Planning of evaluations

At the end of each year all Eurostat evaluations planned for the coming years are collected from the Eurostat units.

The  2019 evaluation plan is available.

In addition user surveys are conducted frequently in order to obtain better knowledge about users, their needs and their satisfaction with the services provided by Eurostat.

Evaluation results are used by Eurostat to improve the process of producing statistical information and its statistical output. They feed into various strategic plans, such as the work programme and the management plan.