Selected ESS practices

Selected ESS practices related to:

Quality Management Framework

 Quality Guidelines 2014 - Statistics Netherlands
 Quality in the European Statistical System 2002 (LEG on Quality)
 Handbook of Statistical Organisation UN 2003
 Quality Framework and Guidelines for OECD 2003
Statisticians Satisfaction Survey OECD 2003
Quality Work and Quality Assurance within Statistics 1999 

User and Respondent Dialogue

 ESS Customer Satisfaction Survey SE AT IT 2003
 Reality as a Statistical Construction Helping users to find Statistics relevant for them SE 2006
 Customer Satisfaction Surveys SE 2006
 Developing methods for assessing Perceived Response Burden SE NO UK 2005
 Standard Cost Model DK SE NO BE UK NL 2004
Handbook for Monitoring and Evaluating Business Survey Response Burdens 2007


The Handbook of Recommended Practices for Questionnaire Development and Testing Methods in the ESS 2005
Monographs of official statistics - Variance estimation methods in the European Union 2002 
A Model for Statistical Inference based on Mixed Mode Interviewing NL 2006 and EN Q2006 
Estimation of Standard Error of Indices in the Sampling Business Surveys SI 2006 and EN Q2006
Estimation of the Interviewer Effect by IT 2006 and EN Q2006 
How to Measure Education in Cross National Comparison A Matrix of Education as a New Instrument DE,LU 2006 and EN Q2006
Improving timeliness for short-term economic statistics OECD 2005 and EN Q2006
  Quality in Statistics Sampling Issues in Business Statistics 2005
The Response Process in Recurring Business Surveys SI 2006 EN Q2006
The Use of Pre-Existing Survey Questions_ Implications for data quality UK 2006 and EN Q2006
Using Real-Time Process Measures to Improve Data Collection WESTAT 2004 ,EN Q2004 
Web data collection in a mixed modeapproach an experiment NL 2006 and EN Q2006 
Data Driven Identification of Sources of Errors for Improving Survey Quality DE 2006 and Q2006
Quality in Statistics Coverages Procedures and Measurements 2005
Quality Procedures for Survey Transitions - Experiments and Discontinuities NL and UK 2006, Q2006
Guidelines for balance between accuracy and delays 2007
Seasonal Adjustment Methods and Practices 2007
Recommended Practices for Editing and Imputation in Cross-Sectional Business Surveys 2008


Eurostat Metadata website

Dissemination guidelines

Dynamic data presentation and interactive publication ESTAT DE 2004 Q2004 
UNECE Making data meaningful 2009. Part 1: A guide to writing stories about numbers
UNECE Making data meaningful 2009. Part 2: A guide to presenting statistics
UNECE Making data meaningful 2011. Part 3: A guide to communicating with the media

Quality Assurance (QA)

Auditing activity in NSIs PT UK NL 2003
Quality assessment of administrative data for statistical purposes Eurostat 2003
Quality of Norms 1998
Evaluation and Analysis of the Quality of National Accounts Aggregates 1998
A model for evaluating the quality of business surveys 1998
Reliability and Quality Indicators for National Accounts Aggregates 1999
Evaluation of Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis Methods in a Quality Assessment Framework 1999 
Quality improvement of the statistical processes - Standard guide Romania 2008
Checklist Quality of Statistical Outputs - CBS NL 2009
Quality improvement of the survey processes - EL 2009
Checklist for the quality evaluation of administrative data sources - NL 2009