Domain specific results

Eurostat carries out evaluations in specific statistical domains.

They may take the form of reports to the European Parliament and the Council when they stem from the obligation to produce these reports enshrined in the regulations themselves. These reports are normally produced every 3 years by the units in Eurostat responsible for this particular statistical area.

General and regional statistics

 European System of national and regional accounts (2018)

Economy and finance

 Balance of payments, international trade in services and foreign direct investment (2018)
 Owner-occupied housing (OOH) price indexowner-occupied housing (OOH) price index (2018)
 Quality of fiscal data (2018)
 European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS) (2017)
 Quality of fiscal data (2017)
 Quality of fiscal data (2016)
 Public private partnership (2015)

Population and social conditions

 Labour force sample survey (2018)
 European demographic statistics (2018)
 Migration and international protection (2018)
 Labour cost index (2017)
 Job vacancies (2016)
 Labour cost index (2015)

Industry, trade and services

 Structural Business Statistics (2017)
 Short-term statistics (2017)
 Tourism (2016)
 Business registers + Annex (2015)
 Structural Business Statistics (2014)
 Short-term statistics + Annex (2014)
 Programme for the Modernisation of European Enterprise and Trade Statistics - MEETS (2014)

Agriculture and fisheries

 Aquaculture (2017)
 Pesticides (2017)
 Landing and fishery products (2016)
 Aquaculture (2015)

External trade ---
Transport Carriage of goods by road (2017)
 Carriage of goods by road (2015)
Environment and energy

 Waste (2016)
 Environmental economic accounts (2016)

Science and technology Science and Technology (2018)


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