Assessment of countries' practices - Purchasing power parities

Assessment of countries' practices

The PPP Regulation requires Eurostat to assess the PPP processes of each EU Member State at least once every six years and to publish the results of these assessments on the Eurostat website.

Eurostat started these assessments in 2011 after a period in which the Member States prepared so-called "PPP Inventories" with detailed descriptions of the data sources and methods used in producing the required PPP data. These Inventories are the primary basis for the assessments, together with information gathered during one-day visits to the respective National Statistical Institutes.

Below are the final reports of the assessments carried out to date. These reports were agreed with the respective countries. Each report contains a list of action points. In this document information is contained about the current status of each action point in period from 2011 to 2017.


2017 assessments:

2016 assessments:

2015 assessments:


2014 assessments:


2013 assessments:

2012 assessments:

2011 assessments: